Webhive is a technology think tank and product incubator. We employ a disciplined approach in picking ideas that graduate to products.

Some of our research products include:

  • Herald: A Streaming News App that receives information from 400+ sources and intelligently presents relevant news. Released for the Windows Store, development for iOS, Android, and the Web is underway.
  • OFabric: A radical approach to DevOps. Currently Dogfooding.
  • Glo: Continued Research in a communications platform
  • ARI: Continued research in a real-time Audio-Visual Analytics Engine

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Notable Project


The idea behind Herald is simple. Start with a bunch of trusted outlets and coalesce the news provided into a near real-time stream for its users. The user chooses a category and relevance - headlines or breaking news. Herald then goes to work in keeping the user informed by continually scouring over 400+ sources.

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